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French pharmacy is a pioneer of online sales of drugs and cosmetics. With over 10,000 products available on the site, it has grown to be the leader of French online pharmacies.

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To establish online presence, LaSante had to figure out a way of dealing with a strict French regulation that limited what can be sold on e-commerce platforms. Orders must be approved by authorised medical staff and stored confidentially.


bPol migrated the initial e-commerce platform from Prestshop to a tailor-made Symfony platform. To tackle rigorous requirements there was a logistics system built from scratch. LaSante also started using certified hosting. Products that required prescriptions were finally available online.


A new version of the projects was built with Symfony, a PHP framework. bPol used Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud hosting solution. The platform leverages Elasticsearch and Varnish to increase the speed and flexibility of product browsing.


The project was challenging from the start as the team had to ensure that migration from Prestashop to a custom-built platform would not lead to a disruption. API-driven development shortened delivery time. Research and development, alongside with the client, was crucial to the project’s success.


LaSante has seen a six-fold increase in sales compared to their original platform’s performance. The certified hosting (99.99% of uptime guarantee) solution assures continuous accessibility for increased user inflow. Most importantly, the number of orders grew to thousands daily just within weeks.

We have worked with bPol for 6 years now and have watched it expand its area of expertise through the hiring of top-notch developers. bPol's founders have succeeded in building a team with diverse skill sets, constantly working to stay up-to-date. It's always a pleasure working with highly responsive people, who can assemble the best technologies together on our projects.

Gaétan Bocahut Co-founder

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