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The company PSO (Polskie Składy Oponiarskie) has been connecting the largest tyre distributors in Poland since 2002. Thanks to the use of innovative IT solutions, they are one of the most important businesses in the tyre industry. They are behind the largest B2B platform for the tyre industry in Poland -




2 376


Nowadays, usability and reliability are not everything. Trends change very quickly, competitors implement new technologies, and digital products need regular refreshment and reconstruction which guarantees customer trust and ensures a modern brand image. PSO needed a change. Although their website has served clients for many years, when the company contacted us it was high time to move away from the old design and outdated technologies.When external designers hired by PSO finished working on the new user interface, we were able to start implementing modern solutions from the code side. A very important element of our implementation was the appropriate preparation and optimization of the mobile version of the website. We wanted to make it possible to use all the features available on the web platform also accessible on mobile devices. This was to encourage customers to visit the website from smartphones and tablets, which play an increasingly important role in modern e-commerce.


The old design has been completely replaced with a new version of the interface designed by another company. Bearing in mind the time constraints, we kept all the previous technological possibilities and created a much better product. The site has also been updated with some new useful features. The interface is designed to look fresh and scale well on screens of various sizes (including the wide screens that are becoming more and more popular). In accordance with the client's needs, we also took care of responsiveness in terms of smartphones and tablets. The mobile version of the website is now easy to navigate and as useful as the desktop version.


The project was built using the Symfony framework. Twig and Bootstrap were also used to provide quick rendering, fewer bugs and a simple, but esthetic, design. More complex parts such as modal windows or asynchronous calls to the application required the usage of jQuery. Aside from a few Symfony services needed to implement the mentioned features, most of the work was based on adding new and editing existing CSS files.

“bPol is a dynamic company with a huge potential, offering comprehensive service and support in all areas of software development. Their team showed great responsibility and responsiveness in action. They took care of our product quickly and efficiently, suggesting thoughtful optimization solutions on the web platform. The effect of 2 years of cooperation is a great improvement of our platform - in terms of functionality, but also efficiency. Thanks to the introduced changes, we have strengthened our position as a leader among B2B services in the tire industry.”

Tomasz Jeziorek
IT Manager, PSO

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